Cadwell Park Wolds Trophy

By John

A near perfect weekend of racing at the UK's best circuit. From 1 Litre Formula 3 via Mustangs and Cortinas to a full grid of Formula  Ford 1600 racers ,  the Historic Sports Car Club demonstrated once again that there's so much more to this sport than watching  F1 and Touring Cars on the telly . 

It was Le Mans weekend too but there's no report of the Porsche win in today's Times but lots ( and lots)  about varous  ball games. It was a surprise to see Richard Attwood at Cadwell; he won Le Mans in 1970 in a Porsche 917 but at Cadwell he was racing a  40 year old Porsche 928, which  is a big car for a narrow track.It still looks great though , as its shape , just like the NSU Ro80 , Lotus Elan and Audi 100,  hasn't dated at all  .  Richard (I wasn't going to risk Dickie was I ?) told me just how scary driving the 917 was and how his biggest achievement wasn't winning the race but surviving it ...

But 32C sun in the already hot cockpit  of the Caterham for the 120 mile trip home wasn't an experience I want to repeat too often,  even if running in convoy for a time with a Bentley Four and a Half Litre and a white Jaguar E Type in the A1 M's outside lane was rather  special.   .