Muddy Waters

By John

I'm guilty of having been a bit sniffy about the BTCC before - is it so popular because it's on TV or is it on TV because it's so popular? The jury's still out on that one but after watching yesterday's soaking qualifying and practice at Croft I 'll admit that these guys certainly don't lack either talent or cojones . Watching trackside 100m from the chicane exit was thrilling, with  big speeds , big slides and frequent trespassing on to the infield rallycross track .  Bloody awful noise these things make though - it doesn't lack volume , which is good ,  but it's not exactly the music a normally aspirated screamer can make ...

Good to see that Stevie Wonder's still getting work though , but who'd have thought it would be designing the Subaru Levorg's livery ?

The accident which ended qualifying prematurely was a very serious one and like almost everybody who follows the BTCC I wish the injured drivers speedy and  full recoveries . 'Almost '? Sadly , yes ,  there's some very odd people on the internet.....    .