It's got to be an improvement on 2020 , right ?

It's got to be an improvement on 2020 , right ?

By Website Admin

Like the picture? I have always loved the breed of small Italian sports cars (often called 'Etceterinis ')  which bloomed in the Sixties . This gorgeous little machine is a Moretti Sportiva and , despite looking like a Ferrari Dino's kid sister , it's actually powered by a Fiat 850 engine , and is thus unlikely to tax your neck muscles too much . But who cares , with looks like this ? Imagine turning up to Goodwood Members' Meeting in this - you'd be the belle of the ball , and still get 40 mpg . 

It's been a long , cold winter , and a ghastly one for so many as the second wave of Coronavirus struck . Hopefully , the darkest time has passed and the roll out of a vaccine and the lifting of lockdown will help us get back on track to having a normal life again . Fingers crossed , I have already booked weekends away at CSCC and HSCC Cadwell Park , Silverstone Classic and Goodwood Member's Meeting and doubtless there'll be local trips to Croft , Harewood and Melbourne Dragway . Say hello if you're there - just contact me via the website . If you want your book signing , just ask and it'll be a pleasure .

Sales have continued steadily and it's been great to hear from readers who have enjoyed my rants and rambling in DRIVEN . I was delighted - no false modesty from me-  that my  book has been nominated as the 15th greatest motoprsport book of all time on  the US BookAuthority website , whose judges include one Martin  Brundle . I suspect the rating  is more to do with an algorithm which  aggregates Amazon review scores than a Booker Prize type analysis but I will take want I can get , thanks ...

I have been reviewing some good- and some not so very good at all - books on the www.speedreaders.info  website. I remain amazed that the sub editing was so poor on the recent Johnny Herbert / Damon Hill book that even 'Benetton' and Tyrrell were mis-spelt. Jeez.  And as for 'Ronnie Petersen  ' , who the hell was he ?