Ben Clarke

By Website Admin

Hi Ben - thanks for your kind comments, and I am delighted you enjoyed the read. As I emphasised in the preface , DRIVEN  is meant to reflect my own , strongly held views( some of which are tongue in cheek )  and I'd be bloody horrified if every reader agreed with my every word . But  the saddest thing  is the  reader who can only enjoy reading stuff which mirrors his/her  own views . Thankfully, Ben , you aren't one of them . 

If Iearned one lesson in my motorsport oddyssey , it was that every little niche of the sport  has appeal and charm , and the more eccentric the niche the better . Some think that motorsport begins and ends with watching F1 on telly - and they do not have a bloody clue what they are missing  The only thing I have found to be nearly indigestible is banger racing, but in the curent lockdown I'd find two minicabs racing round a car park exciting ....