Strange new world

By Website Admin

This time next week I should have been at the Goodwood Members' Meeting , and two weeks later at CSCC Cadwell . But that isn't going to happen , and I doubt if much. or indeed any , live motorsport wil take place in 2020 . That isn't remotely important in the ghastly circumstances we currently find ourselves but, if nothing else,  a pandemic reminds us not to take the good stuff for granted, not to get wound up by things that now  seem almost trivial , like Brexit  and to realise that we really are all in this together. And if we can look out for each other and not adopt an every man for himself ,credo , that would be a VERY good thing too .

This website was set up primarily to plug my book and I have no idea who reads it. Some of you  have kindly signed the guest book but you are a very small minority . I get between 25 and 50 visitors a day but whether these are from motorsport people, Russian bots  or supermodels  I really haven't a clue.

All I'd say now that if you're reading this, perhaps  stuck at home , maybe bored and frightened in equal measure then drop me an email or sign the guest book. Tell me  your views on the styling of Tecno F3 cars ,or what the noise of a big block Chevy does to your synapses or on my conviction that the golden age of racing , motoring journalism  and car styling was beween 1966 and 1986 . We don't have to agree... 

Stay safe , and my best wishes, whoever you are and wherever you live 


John Aston