I get around

I get around

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The Classic Sports Car Club has retained me for another season as a writer in residence for their race meetings. Very kindly , they let me witter on for 5000 words or so about the cars and people at their weekend race meetings.My CSCC season started  at Silverstone  last month where  I indulged myself  by watching ,and writing about , a huge diversity of cars which ranged from old school TVR V8s to lairy hot hatches and traditional historic fare such as Elan 26Rs and Marcoses.

Last weekend was Oulton Park, and I savoured the heavy metal thunder of Ric Wood's Mega Bertha , with its 8.4 litre big block V8 . At least I did for a time ,as reports of Bertha waking the dead across Cheshire  meant that she was sent home early ,in  disgrace. 

More about  this on the CSCC website

It was more genteel at Prescott's La Vie en Bleu meeting - my first trip to one of the few venues , anywhere , to merit the term 'iconic'  . Like Shelsley Walsh, the hill is not a patch on Harewood , as heavy woodland obscures so much of the track , but the venue just drips charm and heritage . And hearing a Bugatti Type 35 or (especially ) an ERA rasp and bellow up the hill was a delight . As was seeing rare stuff like a Fiat 2300S coupe .and a Panhard 24 CTon display - both of which had infinitely more class than the oligarch's favourite , the Bugatti Chiron . Bugatti my arse ,  of course , as we all know it is a VW /Audi willy waving  folly for the terminally tasteless....

But next time I go to Prescott I really need to buy some mustard or crimson cords and a Panama hat in  Nigel Farage at play spec. It'll be risky undercover work, but that ludicrous outfit means they will posssibly never even suspect that I am a Yorkshire Remainer., with a  lifelong Lib Dem habit. But if I'm found out I shudder to think what will happen - forced to listen to Classic FM ,and to read the Telegraph ( which some people still apparently think is a newspaper...) ? .

Less politically - THE BOOK . Latest news is that it is in print and will be lauched on or about 20 July 2019 . Pre order now  to avoid disappointment ...