Summer is over and we are not yet saved


It's Autumn and a doomy biblical quote seems appropriate. It's the off season for most motor sport, especially the tarmac roundy round stuff,  but I did take in the so called Rallycross Grand Prix at Croft the other week and nearly wished I hadn't. I have seen some fabulous rallycross events there , none more than the Inter Nations Cup events in the late Eighties.But 2017's effort  was more Petit Prix than Grand , with thin grids and few supercars. I was disppointed that 2016 Champion , Daniel Rooke,  was not competing as he remains one of the best drivers I have seen - in any category of motorsport- for years . You heard it from me first - this lad is special . 

And tomorrow morning something completely different - a two hour drive to Honister Pass in the MX5 to watch the happy band of eccentrics taking part in the Vintage Sports Car Club's Lakeland Trial. Ancient Austins , muddy Morrises and bloody expensive Bugattis buggering about in a slate quarry on top of a mountain. Can't wait..and my ten pounds says there won't be a VIP area or Paddock Club in sight. 

MX5 ??No Seven ?? That's another story . And I have no idea why this is in italics, if you were wondering .....