Time Attack

By Website Admin

My plans to experience banger racing were postponed -maybe later in the Autumn? . But I did double the average age by turning up to  the Petrol and Pistons (or is it the other way round? ) Time Attack meeting at Croft .Where I saw more JDM (Japanese Domestic Market, do try to keep up  ) stickers and Paul Walker RIP quotations than ever before . Shelsley Walsh this isn't - but motor sport shoud be a broad church , right?

On track? Some fast cars and good driving ,   some not so much .But it was friendly enough  and I spoke to some interesting people including uberbloke Guy Martin , but a fifty car entry and no actual  racing  did not make me breathless with  excitement. But hold on , there was scooter racing , which was...umm ......novel? .Why don't they wear parkas? We should be told .