Croft Nostalgia Meeting

By Website Admin

It might have been cold , sometimes damp , and the entry might have been thin in parts but the HSCC race weekend  was still probably the best of the year  at Croft. This may be  due to the fact that,  unusually for Croft, the drivers were outnumbered by the spectators.  Good to see a full field of FF1600 racers and an eclectic range of entries from svelte  Chevron B8s to a thunderous Cobra, some shapely 1 litre Formula 3 cars  and  a  gaggle of Elans .

Some lovely stuff on display too, and who could resist a car parade which features a Fiat 850 Coupe leading a Wolseley 16/60 and a Ferrari  F40 ? As is becoming the norm at this  venue  , Croft seems to have landed another  BOGOF deal in security staff  and metal crowd barriers.  I guess I may  not be the only one whose patience wears  thin when being instructed to 'keep to the side ! ' , 'don't cross here ' and 'wait! ' by some poor soul in a hi vis vest. Strange that the Silverstone Classic , with its 1200 racing cars and 100.000 attendance manages to struggle along just fine without the need to treat its customers like ADHD  five year olds .